At SFA you can earn a bachelors and masters degrees in the following fields:
We have great support programs in pre-med, pre-dental, pre-pharmacy, pre-veterinary, and other health-related areas

Our pre-engineering program is very successful in preparing students to transfer to an engineering program at other universities. Another option includes a dual B.S. in physics and engineering with a collaborating engineering school.
The Discovery Research Center (DRC) is a facility under development that will be dedicated to educating young minds and increasing public understanding in many areas of knowledge through interactive exhibits and programs developed by SFASU faculty. The facility will be a community-wide resource where groups come together for an enjoyable learning experience. The facility will also house the SFASU East Texas Core Repository which will store oilfield core samples for viewing and research purposes.

We educate in all the physical and natural sciences and mathematics. 
Careers for graduates with degrees in Science/Mathematics include:

» Industrial Research and Teaching
» Biomedical Research & Development
» Research in Government Labs
» Technical Services & Consulting
» Technical Management
» Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinarian Medicine, Pharmacy, & Related Professions
» University Teaching & Research
» Community College Teaching
» High School Teaching 
Our Mission
The Primary Mission of the College of Sciences and Mathematics is teaching of the highest quality at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The College, through its departments and divisions, attempts to provide its students with the following: the knowledge and skills necessary for life-long learning, an understanding of the world in which we live, the ability to comprehend scientific and mathematical advancements and their benefit to future generations.

To assist in the accomplishment of this mission, the College of Sciences and Mathematics fosters research and scholarship of the highest quality among the faculty. To provide outreach as an educational institution, the College of Sciences and Mathematics assists its faculty in utilizing their expertise to the benefit of the university community and regional, state, national, and international communities. The mission of the Dean of College of Sciences and Mathematics is to support the primary mission of the the College by providing and maintaining an environment that will permit effective teaching, research/scholarly activities, and outreach.