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Advising Center FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

+ Am I required to have a minor?

Most majors require a minor or second major with the exception of the Nursing Major, they do not require a minor. The minor or second major does not have to be declared your first year.

+ Do majors and minors need to be in the same college?

No, but if you are a Physics major you may be required to minor in Mathematics.

+ What is academic probation?

A student is placed on academic probation after the first regular semester in which the GPA fails to meet the minimum standard. Probation students whose semester GPA is 2.0 or higher will be place on “extended academic probation” until the cumulative GPA is 2.0 or higher. Academic probation will continue until the student achieves good standing or is suspended from the university.

+ What is academic suspension?

A student is placed on academic suspension after a regular semester that immediately follows a semester of probation if the student’s semester GPA fall below a 2.0.

+ May I take the same class at another college and university and have it replace the grade at SFA?

No. A course MUST be repeated at SFA to replace the grade.

+ If I drop a class will it hurt my GPA?

Timing is the key. Every semester there is a last day to drop courses. Courses dropped on or before this day will appear as a W on your transcript and will not affect your GPA.

+ When do I file a degree plan?

A student must file a degree plan when they have at least 45 hours.

+ When do I file for graduation?

After a student has earned at least 90 hours they can file for graduation. It is recommended to file for graduation the semester before you plan to graduate.

+ What courses will transfer to SFA?

See course equivalency guide:

+ Once I’m admitted to the university am I automatically admitted to the Nursing program?

No, Nursing majors are actually Pre Nursing upon admission to the university. See

+ Do grades in developmental classes count in my GPA?


+ Do developmental classes count toward my semester load?


+ Do developmental classes count toward my degree plan for graduation?


+ Can I take Science-Math credit bearing courses if I am taking a developmental course?

No, all students must be TSI complete and completed development work before taking a credit bearing Science-Math course.