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Master of Science in the Natural Sciences (MSNS)


Total Hours: 30 – 36

Program Coordinator: Dean or Designate

The Master of Science in Natural Sciences (MSNS) is an interdisciplinary degree program offered through the College of Sciences and Mathematics. Either a thesis or a non-thesis option may be pursued in earning the degree. Upon entering the program, graduate students will be assigned to a graduate faculty committee to design a degree plan and to oversee their specific program of study, including development and administration of pertinent culminating projects and examinations. The student’s main advisor (and normally the chair of the committee) will be from the student’s discipline.

For the MSNS degree 18 credit hours must be from one of the areas below. 
Area or Discipline Contact Person for Admissions and Curriculum
Chemistry MSNS Requirements  Dr. Michele Harris, 
Physics MSNS Requirements  Dr. Walter Trikosko, 
Environmental Geology MSNS Requirements  Dr. Kevin Stafford,  
Mathematics MSNS Requirements  Dr. William Clark,
Mathematics/Mathematics Education  Dr. Lesa Beverly,
Science/Science Education  Dr. Josephine Taylor,