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Suggested First Semester

Welcome to the Computer Science Department at Stephen F. Austin State University!

The first semester can be quite intimiating and you may not even know which of our three computing majors that you want to major in. (For more information on the three majors see our definition of majors.)

Many students do not know which computing major to choose, so we have a first-year semester plan that will apply equally to all three majors:

  • CSC 102 (3 credits)
  • *MTH 138 or 140 (3 or 4 credits)
  • ENG 131 (3 credits)
  • PHY 110 & 110L (4 credits)
  • SFA 101 (1 credit)
  • Total of 14-15 hours

*NOTE: Every student comes from a unique background and will have different strengths. Which math course you take depends on your math scores. Please visit with a Computer Science advisor to determine which math course is best for you.