The appointment button below can be used
between February 1st and mid-May or
between September 1st and mid-December.
For all other time periods, please
call 936-468-3902 for an appointment.
To make an appointment with an advisor please click on the "Book Now" button below. 
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The advising center is located in room 127 of the Miller Science Building.
  • Lynsey Cortines,, 468-6035
    • Biology
    • BioChemistry/Chemistry
    • Geology

  • Trina Menefee,, 468-3902
    • Computer Information Systems
    • Computer Science
    • Information Technology
    • Math
    • Nursing
    • Physics/Engineering
  • Anita Beavers,, 468-2315
    • Any Major with the Pre Health Professions Attribute
  • Degree Plans should be completed prior to midterm each semester.
  • Advising generally starts right after midterm during the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Please visit this website to determine when to apply for graduation.
  • Process degree plans for the College of Sciences and Mathematics (CoSM)
  • Process major/minor changes
  • Assist probation and suspension students
  • Academic Advising for students majoring in the College of Sciences and Mathematics
  • Career counseling to assist students in choosing a major that best suits their career goals
  • Study Skills seminars in which certain topics are addressed including: study tips, time management, and organization skills
  • Provide a resource room (S127) for students and faculty in the College of Sciences and Mathematics
  • Present information regarding degrees offered in the College of Sciences and Mathematics during Showcase Saturday, summer orientation sessions, family visits, campus tours, etc
  • Coordinate shadowing rotation placements for the Pre-Health Professions Program
  • To assist students in making responsible decisions consistent with interests, goals, abilities, and degree requirements
  • To monitor the academic progress of students who are enrolled in Science and Mathematics courses
  • To help students successfully make the transition into college life

Students with 45 or more hours can initiate the degree plan process in The College of Sciences & Mathematics Academic Advising & Student Services Center. Locate your major above to find out which advisor can assist you with your degree plan.