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East Texas Math Teachers' Circle

The East Texas Math Teachers' Circle (ETMTC) is an opportunity for mathematics teachers to rediscover their love for mathematics by exploring problem solving with SFA mathematics faculty.  Emphasis is placed on the development of problem solving strategies that can then be taken back to the mathematics classroom.  The ETMTC is open to all interested mathematics teachers: high school, middle school, elementary school, public school, private school, home school, and student teachers. Free to attend and no RSVP is required. Come join in and don't miss the fun!
The East Texas Math Teachers' Circle is a program of Stephen F. Austin State University funded by the National Security Agency via the National Assoication of Math Circles, a program of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute.
CPE and G/T credits available.

Upcoming Meetings:  
During the fall and spring semesters, the ETMTC will meet one Tuesday evening per month. Dinner will be provided at 5:30 PM and the problem solving sessions will follow until 8:00 PM. Meetings will be located in the SFA Math Building in Room 123.

2016-2017 Academic Year
 Date Program Facilitator Menu
May 24, 2016 May the Fourth Be With You! Dr. Lynn Greenleaf TBD
September 13, 2016      
October 11, 2016      
November 15, 2016      
December 6, 2016      
January 17, 2017       
February 7, 2017      
March 21, 2017      
May 23, 2017      

Past Sessions

 Dates   Program Facilitator
September 2, 2014  Really Big Numbers and Other Problems
inspired by math books for kids
Dr. Jane Long
October 7, 2014  Exploding Dots Dr. Lesa Beverly
November 11, 2014  Polygon Differencing Dr. Phil Yasskin, TAMU
December 9, 2014  Mathematical Ringers Dr. Matt Beauregard
January 13, 2015 Analysis of Algorithms Dr. Jeremy Becnel
February 10, 2015  Piles and Holes Dr. Debbie Pace
March 3, 2015  Folding Corners and Reasoning Dr. Bill Clark
April 21, 2015  The Art Gallery Problem Kaitlyn Phillipson, TAMU
May 26, 2015  Making Change with Polynomials Dr. Greg Miller
September 1, 2015  Parents, Children, and Pascal's Triangle Dr. Jane Long
October 6, 2015  King Arthur's Table Dr. Clint Richardson
November 10, 2015  A Knight's Tour Dr. Marcus Webb
December 8, 2015 How Does Google Rank All of Those Pages?   Dr. Keith Hubbard
January 19, 2016 A Candy Sharing Game Dr. Jeremy Becnel
February 23, 2016  Hyperbolic Soccerballs Dr. Frank Sottile, TAMU  
April 1, 2016
Texas MAA meeting at SFASU Dr. Paul Zeitz, University
of San Francisco
April 19, 2016 The Mathematics of Sharing
Dr. Jonathan Mitchell

For more information, contact Dr. Jane Long at longjh (at) sfasu (dot) edu.