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iMAS Academy

iMAS Academy - June 25-29, 2018


iMAS (Investigations in Math & Science) promote hands-on, minds-on inquiry through dynamic teaching and learning experiences. Developmentally appropriate activities are created by university faculty and Master Teachers based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Science. The curriculum is offered as module-style units where students work collaboratively in laboratory and field investigations. 

Cost per student is $100 for the week of iMAS. Make checks payable to SFASU.  Mail checks, along with parent waiver to: STEM Center, PO Box 6070 SFA, Nacogdoches, TX 75962.


iMAS Academy Video

iMAS Academy is a collaborative effort between the College of Sciences and Mathematics STEM Research and Learning Center and trained Master Teachers from area school districts. The SFA STEM Center also partners with existing grant programs within the College of Sciences and Mathematics and the James I. Perkins College of Education to research best practices, offer enrichment to students in K-12 STEM, and provide professional development to better prepare teachers in the STEM areas. Providing quality STEM education in rural, high-need districts has been made possible through the financial support of donors, as well as numerous grant opportunities.


iMAS 2016 modules included:

  • Chemistry/CSI

    This module is designed to simulate the activities that occur in a forensic laboratory setting.  Students will focus on the technology and mathematics required for three different tests used by scientists to identify physical and chemical crime scene evidence.  Students will conduct DNA, Glass Fragment and Chemical analyses.

  • Biology/Acid Attacks!

    In this module students make scientific observations on flat and carbonated root beer and the effect of acid on eggshells.  Students measure pH using litmus papers and weigh eggs using scales.  They will analyze the effect of acid on calcium carbonate by graphing the difference in egg weight before and after a 24 hour acid bath.  Students will prepare a concept map linking CO2 emission by respiration and by burning fossil fuels to ocean acidification and dissolving of calcium carbonate.

  • Nursing/ER!

    The module is designed to be a simulation of a hospital emergency room (ER) focusing specifically on four skills-- blood loss estimation, aseptic techniques, cardiovascular & respiratory assessments, and virtual intravenous (IV) infusion—along with the associated mathematical skills.  Students will witness an ER simulation, learn the four skills via hands-on modules, and then be the participants in a second ER simulation.

  • Engineering/Printing in 3-D

    Engineering design is being used to create and build a pair of interlocking rings using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D printers for the created company Lumberjack Rings©, Inc.. This will include designing and testing the engineered plans to make sure force can be transmitted between the pair of fabricated rings. Students will inspect their creation then use CAD to digitally draft their design and send their rings off for production.
  • Physics & Mathematics/Rollercoaster!

    The physics of motion will be explored in a hands-on environment as students design and create paper rollercoasters.  Students will compete with other students on design, efficiency and cost.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Jana Redfield, Assistant Director
SFA STEM Research & Learning Center
(936) 468-6261