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Math, Science, and Technology Teacher Preparation Academy (MST Academy)

Currently in its fourth year of support from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the SFA MST Academy has focused on the development of master science and mathematics teachers through: 
  • the redesign of the master's degree in natural sciences to include a mathematics/mathematics education and science/science education option;
  • pedagogical-based mathematics and science curricula with courses chosen to meet the needs of teachers of dual-credit and community college courses;
  • the flexible scheduling of coursework designed to accommodate teachers' busy schedules; and
  • the incorporation of active research projects into master teacher preparation to encourage individual examination of teaching strategies and evaluation techniques.

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Program Highlights 
  • More than 20 SFA STEM and education faculty participated in the preparation of master mathematics and master science teachers through the MST Academy.     
  • Innovative curriculum was designed specific to master teacher preparation in science and mathematics 
  • that includes preparation for AP and dual-credit instruction and places emphasis on the College and Career Readiness Standards.
  • SFA MST Academy Master Teachers Paula Kent (science) and Marcie Splann (mathematics) developed study guides and currently provide leadership and instruction for teachers preparing for MST/MMT exams.
  • The SFA MST and NSF-funded Texas Leadership Initiative: Mathematics Instruction Transformed (Texas LIMIT) and Talented Teachers in Training for Texas (T4) unite Master Teachers with STEM majors in job shadowing opportunities.
  • The SFA MST Master Teachers will assist SFA STEM faculty in the preparation and delivery of STEM summer camps for students in grades 4 - 8 and SMASH Camp a week-long preparatory experience for incoming SFA freshmen.