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SFA Hydro-Days

Coming Fall, 2017 - Dates TBA
Hydro-Days is an educational workshop that introduces teachers and students to the tools and skills used by geo-scientists to investigate the water resources of East Texas with a focus on regional ecology, hydrology, geochemistry, and environmental science. Each workshop will provide an opportunity for students to experience laboratory and field work in a university setting while emphasizing a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) college major and potential career.


Click here for Registration - please complete this form for each participant including parental approval and return to the STEM Center, address below.

Space is limited to the first 25 particpants that register each day. The cost of Hydo-days is $30 per person (students and teachers), which includes the cost of lunch. Participants need to dress appropriately for creek investigations, and may want to bring a towel.   
Each workshop will consist of morning investigations in a geology laboratory setting and afternoon investigations of LaNana Creek asking:
  • What is the biodiversity of aquatic habitats in East Texas?
  • How healthy are the water resources of East Texas streams?
  • How earth scientists monitor and characterize aquatic systems?
  • Why water resource management is important to East Texas?
If weather conditions are unfavorable, alternate laboratory investigations will be substituted. Rubber boots are provided for LaNana Creek investigations, but students should prepare for outdoor activities in shallow water.
    Hydro-Days Activity Topics:
• East Texas Soils & Geology
• Groundwater Infiltration & Recharge
• Bedrock Dissolution & Caves
• Stream Geochemistry & Water Quality
• Stream Discharge & Sediment Erosion
• Aquatic Invertebrate Sampling
• Stream Vertebrate Sampling
• Riparian Habitats & Stream Health