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SFA STEM Academies


We are proud to continue partnerships with Lufkin Independent School District and Nacogdoches Independent School District begun in 2014-2015 to offer high school students rigorous STEM curriculum and investigative laboratory and field experiences. 

The mission of the  SFA STEM Academy is to engage high school students in real-world applications of  the STEM disciplines within an encouraging  community of  SFA faculty and high school teachers who support  and inspire them both academically and interpersonally.

Primary Objective:

The primary objective of the SFA STEM Academy is to engage academically capable high school students in real-world, problem-based, integrated research/field experiences where science and mathematics are brought to life.

Program Components:

  • SFA STEM Elective Curriculum delivered at high school campus and tailored to match science course curriculum
  • Half-day visits to SFA laboratories or relevant field sites, led by SFA faculty, every three weeks
  • Cohort design with mentoring opportunities
  • Selective pathways for upper-level students to specialize within STEM disciplines
  • Graduation with college credit hours in math and science
  • Investigation of STEM careers and career paths

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For more information about NISD's SFA STEM Academy, please click here.

For more information, contact Dr. Jana Redfeild or Dr. Nola Schmidt at