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SMART Texas Scholars

Outstanding Biology and Math Majors Learning Together

2015 through 2020


Focused faculty mentoring
• Meet with science and math faculty members
and learn more about what they do
• Receive career advice and job market
• Take field trips to meet professionals in your
field of study
• Engage in undergraduate research and attend
professional conferences
A strong community of other science and math majors
• Reserved rooms in Lumberjack Landing
• Work with other students on science and math
Up to $8,000 annual scholarship support (renewable for four years)
• Can be combined with most other forms of aid 


In a longitudinal paired comparison study, SMART Texas Scholars earned more credits in STEM, earned higher GPAs in STEM, and earned higher GPAs overal, when compared to students in their same major with comparable SAT/ACT test scores.


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