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Is under construction!  Watch for exciting news about a

new summer science and math enrichment experience coming summer, 2018!!


Summer Math and Science Highlights (SMASH) Camp is for incoming SFA freshmen.  This camp is designed to make the transition from high school to college more enjoyable and less stressful. SMASH Camp reiterates math and science concepts, introduces students to SFA campus and its resources, and allows students to experience camaraderie with others who are also interested in pursuing a STEM field. Students reside on campus, eat in the cafeteria, collaborate with college professors in classroom and laboratory settings, and develop long-lasting friendships. The targeted areas of study are Biology, Chemistry, Engineering and Mathematics. Freshmen majoring in, or that have an interest in, biology, chemistry, math, biochemistry, nursing, physical therapy, engineering, pre-med, wild-life, and environmental science are encouraged to attend.

  • Did you take biology during your freshmen year of high school?
  • Have you forgotten all that you learned from your high school chemistry course?
  • Did you skip math during your senior year?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions and you are a math or science major, then SMASH Camp is right for you!
WHO: Entering SFA freshmen majoring in a STEM discipline
WHAT: Intensive review and preparation for fall semester mathematics, engineering, biology and chemistry classes and labs, course placement recommendations.
Check in on campus at 4:30pm July 25, 2017
Camp ends at noon on August 1, 2017
WHERE: Students will stay in a SFA dorm with activities in STEM classrooms. All meals provided
 COST: $600 per student (payable upon notice of acceptance to camp)


SMASH Campers make nitrogen ice cream!

The SMASH Camp program is designed to introduce students to the rigor of college level studies in biology, chemistry, engineering and mathematics.  SMASH Camp will provide participants with the preparation and tools needed to be successful as they enter college level courses for science and mathematics majors.  Recent studies suggest that a significant number of students taking freshmen level science and mathematics courses end up repeating the course.  Each time a student retakes a 4-hour course, the cost is over $1000.  In addition, retaking a course may result in postponed graduation.  At SFA, we believe that the number of course retakes is not due to the inability of the students, but the difficulties that arise in adjusting to college expectations.  

SMASH Campers

This is SMASH Camp: 
  • An opportunity to bridge the gap between high school and college life.
  • An opportunity to learn from and build relationships with college faculty and current graduate and undergraduate students. 
  • An opportunity to develop a network of people to stay connected with before your first semester at SFA.
  • An opportunity to experience what it is like to live on campus by staying in dorm rooms and having meals on campus. 
For more information, contact:
Julie Sandifer, STEM K-12 Outreach Coordinator
SFA STEM Research & Learning Center
(936) 468-5814