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STEM Grant Funded Programs

Programs Funded by the National Science Foundation

The T4 program provides opportunities for interested students to learn more about STEM teaching careers. The goals of this program is to increase STEM teaching capacity, and to study the development of a research-based model for strengthening the STEM teacher pipeline. This program is funded through the National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program.




Texas Leadership Initiative: Mathematics Instruction Transformed (LIMIT)

The goal of this project is to produce teacher leaders in mathematics by providing training in content, pedagogy, and education leadership. LIMIT teachers develop professional development classes and programs to enlighten the other teachers at their schools and districts. They attend yearly, state and national conferences, where they are able to present and learn from teachers nationwide.  This program is funded  through the National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program.


Programs Funded by Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board


Math, Science & Technology Teacher Preparation Academies (MSTTPA)

SFA MST Academy has focused on the development of master science and mathematics teachers through: the redesign of the master's degree in natural sciences. The incorporation of active research projects into master teacher preparation to encourage individual examination of teaching strategies and evaluation techniques. For more information on the MST Program. For previous scholars MST Graduates.


Programs Funded by American Institute of Mathematics & Mathematical Sciences Research Institute


East Texas Math Teachers' Circle (ETMTC)

The East Texas Math Teachers' Circle (ETMTC) is an opportunity for middle and high school mathematics teachers to rediscover their love for mathematics by exploring problem solving with SFA mathematics faculty.