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T4 Schlolarship


To apply for the T4 Scholarship, you must be a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics major who:
  • Will be enrolled at SFA by Fall 2018;
  • Will have 60 credit hours with at least a 2.75 GPA by fall 2018 semester;
  • Intends to earn teaching certification at SFA; and 
  • Be U.S. citizen.


T4 Scholars must agree to the following:
  • A two-year commitment to teach in a high-needs school for each scholarship year;
  • Actively participate in mentoring and professional development activities during the junior and senior years at SFA;


T4 Scholars will receive the following:
  • $14,400 annual scholarship, renewable for one year;
  • Mentoring opportunities with STEM and education faculty; 
  • Networking opportunities with current teachers and administrators;
  • Opportunities to attend educator conferences; and
  • Collaboration opportunities with 31 current T4 Scholars.

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