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Zombie Toenails

BEWARE... Zombies are coming your way on Oct. 30, 2017!

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After a zombie bite, a colored toxin, termed zombiase, is adsorbed by the toenails.  (Adsorption is the binding of molecules or particles to a surface.) As the time from a bite progresses, the concentration of zombiase bound to the toenails increases. Your help is needed to end a possible epidemic!

Students will explore Beer-Lambert Law of absorption and concentration as they race to save someone who has been mauled by a zombie and is now infected with Zombiase, a lethal toxin.  In the Chemistry lab, students will use equipment to collect and organize data, make and interpret scatterplots using lines-of-best-fit, and derive conjectures in this problem situation. By analyzing infected toenails of zombie bite victims, they can determine if a serum can be administered in time to save them. Can your students save the victim from certain torture and death?